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Vegetarian Indian Diet plan post Day 7

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Hello guys,
I am on my 7th day and really dont wanna gain back the pounds I have managed to lose.
Can anyone suggest me a typical Indian vegetarian diet to be followed after the "7 days diet"???
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check this out...

Keep in mind if you think eating sugar, wheat, etc will keep the weight off you will not be happy. It's time for a lifestyle change. Let me know if you have any questions off of this and then we can go from there,
Suggest me a substitute for eggs and mushrooms.
And what about the quantity of the food I intake?
Well I eat 3 times a day, keep in mind a functional health care practitioner, a top one here has me on this program, I did not make it up.

What protein do you normally eat? This will help my reply.
All sorts of legumes/lentils/pulses, curd and milk on a regular basis.

My usual diet more or less:

BF- tea, poha/upma (kind of porridge)/1 chapati with a bowl of cooked legumes/3 toasted wheat breads/2-3 rava idli
L- 1 very small cup of cooked rice, 1 bowl of cooked pulses, 1 bowl of cooked vegetables
D- 1 chapati, 1 bowl of cooked vegetables

I usually have fruits, curd, cucumbers, puffed rice for snacks or between the meals.
And sometimes I include 1 bowl of cooked pulses/cottage cheese in dinner
Well from what you first show me, The GOOD is that you eat no processed foods other than puffed rice. You also eat ZERO refined sugar so that is really rare.

Your dinner is way off, pure carbs, no protein, no good fat. Puffed rice is terrible for you unfortunately.

Snacks can be a hindrance. Basically you eat fruit for example and you load on carbs and fructose with no good fat or protein to balance it. Keep in mind also, when you eat veg or fruit, the lack of fat means the vitamins will not do you any good, They need fat.

The Breakfast could not be worse really. Sorry. PURE PURE empty junk carbs. I literally cannot help you keep weight off if you are eating wheat. It's just so bad for you, to me worse than sugar. Why worse? Because it has anti nutrients and is a typical allergen, not to mention unless it's a pure ancient grain it's a GMO product and over processed.

What fats do you eat? Besides cottage cheese. :)
the veggies are cooked in a little oil.. and a glass of milk sometimes in the breakfast.. curd.. oh ya and I have soaked almonds after I get up in the morning. Boiled potatoes here and there. But not regularly.
I was trying to eliminate fats from my meal as I wanted to lose weight.
And trust me that's the American way and we get heavier every year. You have to have good fats. Grass fed butter, ghee, coconut oil, MCT oil, palm oil, natural animal fats and so on. Trust me, wheat and sugar w ill get you before good fats. I eat loads of fat daily and lose weight nearly daily, I am near my goal weight. Look at those 2 plans. Your hormones need fats to function, they are made of it. That is a 1980's mentality that has been debunked heavily over the last few years finally in mainstream health stuff.

You will not lose weight eating how you are likely. Sorry....

read this and spend some time on his site.
Thanks a lot for the reference.. :)
Thanks for the info, very useful for me, really good article.
Very useful article.......I m also about to complete my gm diet... So found very useful ....
Kevin, do you have any idea about Indian food in general? Especially South Indian? Our breakfasts?
If you do, can you accordingly suggest something post day 7?
I am little familiar. I mean rice is a staple there, so day 7 eat your rice with what veg and fruit you are used to having and have loads of spices you like.
Thank you. All my life I have heard that rice isn't too good for me and that chapatis or parathas are better. Even doctors sometimes tell people to eat two chapatis at night for better weight loss. I have noticed though you have been advising the opposite. Do you think the rice theory is untrue then? Purely curious btw . thanks!
Well Google wheat belly for your wheat proof.

What would be the mechanism for wheat helping you lose weight? That's your proof and they should explain that to you. There should be a mechanism based on their recommendation? Unfortunately they don't have one. Funny if I were to suggest to someone how to gain weight, I would say eat wheat and do it before bed. Wheat is garbage. Most people are gluten sensitive. We are not eating the wheat they did hundreds of years ago and beyond. Same with corn.

It is killing your health and everyone else.

Rice, white rice like a good basmati or jasmine. It's a simple starch. Hence a good carb, easy for the body to digest and process. There are no anti-nutrients and so on. Keep in mind though only good with a balanced meal of good fat and protein and not too much. You should also diversify your good carbs and never just eat only rice. Have you ever asked yourself what makes wheat healthy? This issue for 99% of folks is that they don't want to give up their wheat. I myself tested to where I cannot even have rice. No potato, and so on. For me my main carb is fruit and plantains. I did the Cyrex Labs Array 4 gluten cross re-activity test. So, not even rice is OK for everyone especially thyroid patients.

Hope this helps.
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Wonderful...clears it are right.what we used to eat then isn't the same as now.
I completed Day 7 yesterday with a loss of 1.5 kg.. the weight loss may not be much but I am feeling extremely energetic and active. I am determined that I will continue to eat healthy foods, and shall get rid of sugar and wheat from my diet. Can I have the following for breakfast- (1) white oats with milk (2) idlis. Is it better to exclude peas from my diet?
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