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Hello Kevin...why does the forum show no responses from you after Sept 2015. I posted a message yesterday but no response. Please don't tell me that the forum is closed. Please be on board to help us.
Hi Kevin....please do reply
Am on day two today. I had lost 15kg with the help of GMdiet n your useful pointers between august 2014 and jan 2015...I had come down from 77kg to 62kg and maintained it for almost a year.
However now my controls seem to be dropping and am gaining weight. Am just not able to diet now and there have been several failed attempts at this diet in the past months...donno why I'm just not able to complete it now...the cravings get the better of me..
I am trying it again now. I started day 1 yesterday with 66kg and weighed 65kg today morning. Am looking for motivatin from u to complete it n lose more weight. I wanna come down to 60kg in a month. Please help me Kevin....I don't ever want to go back to the extra large sizes...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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