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No, sorry, I'm more of a purist and well most should be. These foods are going into your body. They should be 100% pure and natural. Any company that adds anything artificial to even one of their products seems off to me. I read the ingredients and to me before I would take I would have loads of questions like what is the source of the vitamins they put in their products. I can tell you, you will not be happy with their answers.

Maltodextrin is truly garbage, I cannot believe they use that, then again I suppose I can. Sucralose even worse. YIKES. To me, run from this company, I can tell you their money does not go to quality ingredients, goes to marketing and endorsements.
However this is up to you. I literally email every company I buy from and ask key questions, or only buy from reliable sources. Example,

It's like Gatorade. they tout it as a health/energy drink. It's actually salted colored sugar water. that has been proven to ruin your teeth, not to mention what the coloring does to your kidneys, etc.

Sorry for the rant, just trying to be a help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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