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this is my first time trying out the GM Diet.
I am on day 1 now.
I had 3 Safeda Fruits for breakfast, with lemon raw tea( no sugar). ( around 9 am in the morning)
1 small apple for ( around 11.30 am )
for lunch a had 1 big guava and a hog plum and green tea.( around 1.30 pm )
i had 6 peices of dried jujube berries .(around 3.30 pm.)
planning on having coconut water around 5 pm and repeating the lunch menue for dinner.

how am i doing so far?

1.Are raisins allowed?if they are, will they be accounted as fruites or veggies? i wanted to put some in a raw salad for day-2 & day-3.

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Don't do dried fruits, they are basically pure sugar and a bad idea when you are trying to achieve weight loss. However after the diet, if you had a few on a salad assuming it's balanced with protein and good fat the raisins are OK.

You are doing great though.
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