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I started my gm diet,and finishing my 3rd day.
But I have questions on diet plan of day 6,7,8

Looking through out the site and the questions I am really confused on how to plan my diet on these days
I am a vegetarian ,but will eat eggs.

Can you please give me a sample diet plan..please


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Hello :)

You can have the wonder soup any day, FYI
Basically day 5 is meat and tomato for 3 meals. To replace meat, do 3 eggs per meal. Tomato can be cooked.
Day 6, is me at and veg (various) for 3 meals. Yo ucan have a snack tah tcan include protein. If you get tired of eggs, do legumes with a little good fat. It can reaplce meat.
Day 7 is rice and veg basically.
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