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Question for Day 4

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Hi there,

I dislike banana, can avocado be substituted as same is high in potassium.

Alternate can u suggest any other fruits.

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go mango or tropical, avocado is great, but due to the fat not on this diet, after awesome.
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Thanks Kevin, appreciate your reply, 2 day today and so far so good.

How many mangoes can be consumed on Day 4??

Thanks again!
Hi Shivangi. I hate bananas and on Day 4 too. Glad to have a companion. Wish us luck.
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Trang, wish u luck too, day 2 for me and it seems slow as hell!
Day 2 is a little bit boring. But it will be much better tomorrow I believe.

I experienced the last 3 days without many difficulties. I don't think I will lose much but I love the feelings when I wake up. Not sure how I look but I feel I am good. Thats important.

I went to a wedding yesterday and had to control myself hard not to touch any food rather than vegetables. It was to tempting with the smell and foods available on the table. But I thought about the last 3 hard days and clamp my mouth. :p

So...keep it up Shivangi. Im trying too. ;)
Hahahahaa, controlling is difficult. U can do it. It is mind over mouth lol.

I am down 25 kgs in a span of 2yrs and reached a plateau. I really hope it works as a plateau breaker coz my gym instructor is completely against this diet.

Last evening I had a headache and I was craving tea than anything else. Today morning is better. Hoping it gets better day after day.

How many mangoes are allowed on Day 4???

U keep it man.... u have passed 4 days with a big wedding day cravings.... Keep me posted, nice to have buddies!!
I am more than glad to have partners to keep track with.

I didn't have any headache but I felt weak the first 2 days. People said the regimen made the muscle weaker. But I felt energetic on the 3rd day and feel great now. Just done 1 hr of Zumba routine.

Kevin said 3 mangoes are fine. I tried with bananas however, hence I wanna magnify the benefit from the diet. I hate this, but I grint it first then pour skim milk in. Then I drink, swallow without chewing it. Its good infact. But I don't think I will make more than 4. argggggg.
I do varied workouts for an hour a day Body Attack/ Pump/ Yoga/Pilates.

No way can i have bananas so I will def go for mangoes. 3 is fine with me. Will post u how it goes.
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