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Please Look Into The Attached File And Guide.

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Hi Kevin ,

Hope you are doing well , this is just a request to verify the attached diet chart for a veggie , which i am , and in case any correction needed to be done , help would be appreciated from you , i need to lose like 20 kg in a month or 45 days maximum , so any help would be appreciated.

PFA the diet chart i have made looking in to all the days as suggested by you :)
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WOW, looks great!!!! be sure day 5 and 6 to have good fat each meal....
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That is what i am seeking help Kevin :) Are day 5 and 6 good ? See i am in for Indian army to be frank , thing is i need to clear my medicals in which obesity is acting like a barrier , so now i left it all on you , i have a good self control , let me know days 5 and 6 which i mentioned above are good or do i need to do some changes ?

I left a message on facebook too in your others lol.

Thanks for the quick reply , i work according to your time , may be that's why i got this quick reply :p
Would hardly take 2 minutes for you to have a good look on this chart , so that i can put this for my friends too :) and they can keep this picture in their smart phones and follow where ever they go even if they have the internet access or not :)

So its an humble request to go through this once and let me know :D
For vegetarians it's great...
So according to you there should me no changes in this right it's all perfect and in case if i miss any of the meal will it affect ? like i can stay hungry the whole day with only water :) a soldier's body lol :) so in case i miss what's the disadvantage ?
Missing a meal can be an issue, but not as much day 1, 2 or 3.
However less is worse on this plan actually, the folks that do best eat the meals and have the wonder soup.
Thanks for replying and some people told me that i wont be losing any fat rather its a detox thing and i will be only losing my muscles making my body lose and dizzy , is it so Sir ?

*worried* i will be losing fat or water content or what ?? :(
OK, so the first 7 days of any diet (and I mean any) you will lose some water weight. But you will lose fat! Trust me, read the comments, people lose inches and that;s not from water. Ask them the mechanism behind their reasoning. They have none, Just fear. This is only a light detox plan for the first 3 days. I have been on intense detox plans this is easy.
Hey Kevin , i do trust you and that is the reason i am doing this for the second time and i was 103 and now its 86.5 and on the 4th day , but my main motive is to lose fat out of my body , tell me anything and i will do everything. I will do back to back not an issue for me but at the end because i have my medicals soon , so it should be fat that is out of my body , not only the water content , you can let me know your intense detox plans , i can do that please let me know that as i don't have that much time , i have very less time and very much to reduce.

Please help me out and be a savior and an angel to me , thanks i do have the will power , just tell me your intense detox plan ??

Well, the key is a lifestyle change, once you have been overweight specially if you have hidden health issues such as high cortisol levels, a wonky thyroid, then it can be easy to gain wight. So to me step 1, cut all gluten and sugar. Consider a more Paleo eating style. Meaning an elimination style diet. You are vegetarian so that would have to be addressed, however trust me on this, its life changing! Happy to help with that if you need.
Had a thyroid test , its negative , so no thyroid :D n cortisol levels , have some symptoms for that dont know how to check :p can you be brief about paleo diet or if culd provide me a link which i can follow , yeah m a veggie , so now what ? no food for veggies in paleo diet ? :(

Help is needed , i will disturb you daily Kevin , sorry for that :p
Never a a bother here. He is the man :)
check this out
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