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Hi I weighed 79 kg after my baby was born in November,2012. After that in one years time I have lost almost 14 kg of weight. But according to my height i.e. 5"2 inches I should be 58-59 kg. I still need to loose those extra 6 kg but now my weight is stuck on 65 kg. Just came across this GM diet plan and planing to start the same from Monday. Just have following doubts-
1. Amount of salt intake-can I sprinkle salt on fruits and veggies ??
2. Is 40 minutes brisk walk is enough with diet plan
3.Use of olive oil is fine in last few day...can I take green tea in morning ??
4. Can I eat boiled pulses or legumes in last days...

Thank you so much for your help.

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1) season how you like with salt... you can use other dry herbs and spices
2) Sounds good, I am more into burst training to get your heart rate up, but that is good you will do the 40 minutes.
3) When the diet calls for dressing or oil (or if you area vegetarian you need it when subbing for meat), olive is great. Tea is fine no sweetener.
4) as a meat replacement yes
Good luck :)
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