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Hi kevin. being a working bachelor and staying with friends and having foods in hotel it is impossible for me to follow the proper diet. here i am thinging to follow the following plan to stay fit and healthy and i want your feedback abt this to start.

1. Early morning - lemon+warm water/ amla juice
2.Everyday - Dates - 2 nos, Almond - 2 nos, egg - 1no, banana -1 no, 1 bowl fruit salad
3. Green tea 1 - 2 serving/day.
4. Alchohol - once in a month.
5.Non-veg twice in week.
6. ice creams / milk shakes - twice in a week
7. coffee - 1cup/day
And i like chappathi very very much and I am having chappathi for my dinner for almost everyday for the past 3 years. but after reading your advice to avoid chappathi im really worried.

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Oh my, you do realize you are killing your thyroid. If I wanted to ruin my thyroid and gain weight I would eat this diet!!! Please stop. Seriously! If you love bread, then you need to understand you will ruin your health. So what's more important?

With a thyroid issue to start you must be wheat and sugar free. Likely diary free.
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