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So im on day 2 and not struggling yet :) im so proud of myself. last time I tried this about 4 m ago I got to day 3 and gave up ... mind you I had some cheats through out those 3 days by dinner day 3 I caved :(

BUT this time im feeling in control. I strangly enjoyed day 1 more I think becoz I was making fruit smoothys with fruit and water with my nutribullet and they didn't sit heavy. Im not liking the heavy feeling I got this morning . Im not starving and have been drinking as much water as I can remember too lol at least 2L.

Im unsure how the rest of the week will go I think ill struggle day 4 but I may not. This morning I weighed in 1kg lighter already :)

Hopeing ill at least lose 4-6kg by the end :)

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Keep going :)

Keep in mind, it takes you mind/body 30 days to actually get your dopamine levels to not want bad foods. Basically when you cut the junk your dopamine levels crash. But they will make a new normal after some time. However eat the junk again and it all falls apart. I never want bad foods any longer, they actually sound gross and usually are. :)
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