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Not Much Weight loss

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I followed the Diet strictly, except for drinking A LOT of wwater part. I sued to forget that.

But now after day 7, i have just lost 1-2kgs :(

I had great hopes and read your blog that people have lost 4-8kgs. Why os the weight loss so less? Does it alos depend on your starting weight? I started at 133 pounds and now i am just 129 pounds.My target was 125 pounds.
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forgetting water not good. you are though at 133, so for you I think you need a lifestyle change more than a quick fix.

I have a feeling i didn't lose much weight on the scales!!??

Apart from losing 2 inches off my waist.... I followed all the directions perfectly, however the first meal of the day was 3hrs after i woke up ( as apposed to an hour!) Would that affect the results at all? If not what else could it possible be?? Any ideas??
it can, waiting that long to eat can be really bad for your chemically so to speak. As I have aged, I had hidden health issues, thankfully tests revealed them such as adrenal burnout, etc, So for example, it's even more important for me to be in bed at the right time and eat at the right times.
Ok. I have now started to eat within 30 minutes of waking, ( its difficult as I'm not hungry) but i can only stomach 1/2 a grapefruit or a small can of tuna! Is that enough for the first meal? Followed by eating 2hrs later but with a slightly bigger server???
i normally am not either tha's for sure. I do a special shake to make it easier using a hydro beef product from free range cows. It helps.
Ok, but am i eating enough for the first meal? or shouldn't it matter?
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