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Very excited to find this diet- really need this to change my lifestyle. I have a couple of questions for you, I have read the directions and the forums thoroughly but need a little more clarification.
I started today with Cantaloupe (bowl) and water, for lunch I had a bowl of the cabbage soup and watermelon and will probably eat a apple and orange for dinner. I hope I did okay.

But my question is for the remaining days:
Is it ok to have 3 eggs each day or should it only be for day 5
Is it ok to bake my potato
Can I have fish, meat and beef on Day 5 or should it be just one of the three for the entire day.
Can I saute' my vegetables

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day 1 sounds great.
1) only days 5 and 6 to replace meat.
2) yes, for day 2 and it needs good fat
3) any of those work, mix and match.
4) yes.

Good luck :)
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