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Hi Kevin

This is 2nd time I am following this diet. Last I did it in Sep'14 and lost 4 kgs. Now I want to loose up to 6 kgs. Today is my 2nd day of diet and I really don't want to make any mistake in choosing the correct ingredient this time .Need your suggestions on below :

1) Can I have a cup of tea with 2 tsp milk without sugar in morning and evening.
2) I added I small tomato in cabbage soup. Is it fine ?
3) Can I include a small mango in Day 3 diet?
4) Last time I had brown rice in Day 5,6,&7.And in a thread I noticed that you have recommended only white rice. So which one is better for this plan?.
5) Can I add roosted peanuts and any other type of nuts with rice on day 5,6,7..
6) How is mustard seeds and curry leaves
7) Please suggest some good Legumes.


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1) no milk
2) yes
3) yes
4) eggs are best if no meat, then legumes with good fat or white rice.
5) peanuts are terrible and junk food, sorry.
6) yes
7) Lentils are great to me :)
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