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I am planning to have below diet after I complete GM diet.

Morning 7:00 AM- Green Tea
9:00 AM :- 3 egg white omlate stuffed with Mashroom brocolli and few black olive , two brown bread and one glass of double toned Milk

12:00 PM :- 1 bowl of water mellon or 1 Apple

1:30-2:00 PM- 1 cup brown rice with Veg (1/2 spoon of olive oil)and 1 piece grilled fish or grilled chicken

5:00 PM :- Green T with 1 biscuit

9:00 PM :- 1 bowl of veg (1/2 spoon of olive oil) and grilled fish or chicken.

Can anybody suggest me whether this diet looks good or I need to change anything?

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1) Why just eggs whites?
2) Wheat will be a good way to gain weight, sorry, like 99% of people you will not want to hear it, but it's true.
3) White rice better than brown. Brown has loads of anti-nutrients and is harder to digest.
4) Other than the wheat, your breakfast and lunch have good balance, meaning good fat - protein - and good carbs .
5) I am not into off balance snacks. Bad idea for many reason.

Not bad though ;)
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