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I have 3 doubts, please clarify -

1. There are many vegetable recipes mentioned in the site , which all days we can have these items ??

Recipe names -
Mixed Sprouts and Corn
Moong Sprouts with Brown Rice
Moong Dal Sprouts Salad
Moong Dal Sprouts With Ripe Fruit
Carrot Kosambari
Moong Dal and Channa Dal Kosambari
Moong Dhal Kosambari

(not able to post link, its at indian-recipes section of Recipes )

2. Can we have vegetable soup in all 7 days ? Or it should be taken only at 4th day ?

3. Are 5th and 6th day are limited to 1 cup brown rice and tomatos ? Can we have other vegetables and fruits along with or soup ?

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1) Look please at the 7 day plan, you will see what days you can substitute these for. Loos like most of these are just veg so you can use these recipes when you can have veggies on certain days.

2) Soup: People seem to have varying opinions. basically yes you can eat as much as you want any day. Some people like skipping it on day 1 and 4 (it talks about making another soup on that day). If you want to do the indian plan, read the regular plan for days 1 - 7 to get a feel for how it works.

3) No just the soup and what's listed.
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