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Hi there

I plan to start this Diet soon but i need some clarification. when you say we eat 1 cup of diced apple for breakfast.. how big is your cup? a cooking size cup or normal drinking cup? cooking size cups are smaller thank drinking cups.

And when you say a bowl, how big is your bowl? salad bowl or rice bowl or normal size bowl? can you please help clarify this?

Also can we drink coffee? black coffee? no creamer or milk.
i dont like banana.. what is the other substitute?

appreciate the reply.
thank you.


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A cooking size cup, but it's OK to have a little more or less....

Normal size bowl, you will be OK if it fluctuates some...

I cannot stand coffee, ZERO nutrition, if you must then you cannot add nothing.
Go tropical replacing banana if you can, maybe pineapple, mango, etc...

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