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Hi, I’ve started the diet today. I’ve had a light persistent headache post lunch, but I guess thats a side effect. I do have a couple of questions, if its not to much of a problem, please do answer them, thanks.
1. Can we add DAL (lentils) to the brown rice, Like a Khichdi?
2. Is it okay to have 1 ROASTED moong dal papad?
3. Is there anything to substitute the breakfast potato? can I have it for dinner instead?
4. On the days of Vegetables and brown rice, can i make a pulao, with only 1 TEASPOON of olive oil?
I’ve read most of the comments and the answers and I hope I am not asking the same questions.
If yes please forgive the oversight, and a BIG thank you for taking the time to reply and not loose your mind with some of us, who really ask stupid questions. Cheers:)
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Replied to you on the site :)
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