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Lost 5.2kg !

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I started on 83.2 kg and on day 7 were ! Total loss of 5.2kg.

This Diet really works. Although I do think the first 2 kg is only water, but then after it should be fat as I could feel this morning that my Jeans are not so tight this morning.

Easy to follow.

I love my wine, and never realized that it actually caused water retention. For day 1 and 2 I had taken water pills to assist with the water retention and I can see that it really helped!

Taking a break this week, but still eating my soup today for lunch and will start again Monday!
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sure any diet the first few days will have water weight, however this plan gets you going in the right direction. and you can lose good fat, boy I sure did.
It's too good you loss 5.2 kg in only 7 days.

21 day meal plan
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