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long term Plan

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Ok, so this is my 4th time I have done the GM diet and, as usual, I am always pleased at the result. Unfortunately, I tend to go back to bad habits weeks later. So this time, I am going to change for good.

I am going to cut sugar, I hate wheat so that is a plus I guess. Not a big fan of rice either. I am essentially a meat eater, I can eat it every day.

My main problem is that I go for the potato chips/cereal/etc late at night. I think this is due to having 2 meals a day only. So I should do 3 meals from now on.

A few questions...

1. I usually have 2 eggs with 3 slices of white bread for breakfast. Should I replace bread with potatoes? is Hash/hash brown ok? or baked? or boiled?

2. Is cooking with butter ok? should I cook with coconut oil from now on?

3. Should I cut white bread forever?

4. Is black coffee ok?

Thank you
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Hello :)
1) Yes do 3 meals for sure. yes potato a ton better! however backed or steamed great, hashed hard without frying or using bad oils. it needs good fat!​
2) Yes, grass fed if possible. Coconut oil great also, so you have options as is ghee or cultured ghee.​
3) yes, cut all gluten if you want to change your live.​
4) yes, I drink fatty coffees daily! best products around so do your best​
Thanks for the reply.

A few more questions,

Is cottage cheese ok? Goat cheese??
Regarding water, should i be drinking the same amount i used to with the diet?
Are homemade green smoothies fine? Can i add a bid of honey?
Is peanut butter ok?

Thank you
cheeses? ugh, well from what cow? meaning grass fed? dairy is a huge allergen, not to mention over homogenized and pasteurized so be careful, maybe cut a 2 weeks then reintroduce slowly to see how you really do. water as you need it actually, never under or over do it, 2 liters seems a good max amount but everyone is different what would be in the smoothie? they can be great and yet hard to digest. Honey, just be careful, technically just sugar and very high in fructose. Peanuts are garbage really, for tons of reasons. Happy to share if you like.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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