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I am just getting ready to start the GM diet and i have been reading through all of the questions and responses on the forum which have been really helpful.
I just have 3 questions, and i am not sure if you have answered this questions 'cos i was not able to find a response for it and i can understand it can be frustrating answering the same questions over and over..but i would really really appreciate a response.
1. Can i add a small piece of beef/chicken when making the soup? Im good with the soup as it but just wondering if this was added what effect it would have on the diet plan.
2. Can you use normal white rice instead of jasmin, basmati or brown rice?
3.After the the seven days how long should you wait to start the next cycle of seven days?


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Hello :)
1) no
2) normal white rice is not great however yes
3) wait at least a week or 2 after round 1 to start again. After round 2 at least 3 weeks
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