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It's so DO-ABLE and it works!

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Hi! I began 26th Dec. 2013 and weight loss as of today 26th Jan. is 12 kg. I tried sincerely to adhere to the food plan except there are many different websites and I am not sure if I found the original GM plan. For example, each day I ate whatever was allowed, but as and when I was able to, and not as "3 fixed meals" with intermittent snacks. I was short on the water intake as I lead a busy life and just forget to drink! I did not weigh myself until the 8th day. I had lost 7 kg. Yep, I checked the scales many times as it was so hard to believe! During that first week the only real craving I had was for hot, sweet, milky coffee which in Malaysia we call 3-in-3! I'm sure this has caused my terrible weight gain over the past few years. I didn't give in to the cravings and they diminished!

I have been cooking the Wonder Soup but couldn't find "onion soup mix" in the Malaysian supermarkets. Once I used chicken stock cubes and another time, a beef stock cube, sometimes just and herbs and spices and lots of black pepper. Also, I take this soup as a filler - when I'm hungry but want to be good (and instead of white coffee.) Often my vegetable dish is pumpkin (sautéed until soft and brown! with garlic and broccoli).
I decided to repeat the 7-day plan as I felt great, and wasn't tormented with hunger. If I couldn't get the food, I more or less went without! For example, if on the day when juices were allowed I couldn't get any, I omitted them and ate extra vegetable or fruit but did not substitute anything. I also went straight into a 3rd cycle because I was concerned I would gain the losses! So, to summaries: Cycle 1- 7 kg; cycle 2- 1 kg; cycle 3- 2 kg.
After reading a few more GM Diet websites, I gathered this diet is not recommended as a back-to-back diet. Somewhere too I read that a few days break is wise. So, after 3 weeks I broke the diet - but was mindful of what I ate. Also by this stage my appetite was less and there weren't any cravings for carbs or sweet things. My bravest food would have been toast with baked beans! And, I had a cup of my formerly much prized coffee - too sweet for my taste now.
After a 2-day break I restarted the plan last week BUT I re-joined at Day 3 because I felt my body was still in DIET MODE. Yesterday was Day 7 (or the 5th day really) and for dinner I had brown rice with sautéed carrots, cauliflower, egg plant, lots of garlic and black pepper - eating until full. Weight in today - down another 2 kg.
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This is the original, that's why we offer free support, others do not, making them copies.... What's worse is for example they say on day for eat 8 bananas, nobody should eat 8 bananas in a day. TERRIBLE advice.

Soup? Best to use your own spices, so don't worry about that....

Wish I could help more, but you have been reading too many different plan, and I always recommend a 2 week to a month wait before doing it again. My advice is at least a month. But in between that time you have to change your lifestyle.
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