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Last 2 days were heavy though I passed them with a bit of miserable situation.

However, today is day 3 and I don't have hunger phases like I had before.

I have taken atleast 5 bottles of water of 500ml, had three slices of watermelon and a bowl of vegetables soup in the morning. For snack I took one bowl of mixed fruits (minus bananas) and a fresh squeezed juice of carrots.

For lunch I'm going for raw salad and some fruits.

Is this good intake, specially about the carrots juice?

Please let me know.


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The first 2 days of coming off junk food, sugar wheat etc will throw your body off.

Be careful just drinking carrot juice, it's like drinking a glass of sugar. (it is fine day 3, for future reference)

All else seems good :)
Keep going...
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