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Hey everyone from UK north east

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Im 29 years old i currently weighed 88.2kg hopefully this may help others aswell as people help me on how im doing.

Day 1 All i ate through out the day was 2x apples, blueberries, melon and lots of water

Day 1 was har i had head aches and kept feeling lightheaded

Day 2 Started with 1x small potatoe with tsp olive oil nothing esle on it (by god this was needed)
felt much better adter potatoe.
I ate cabbage, broccoli, spring onion, lettuce, colliflower through out the day again lots of water

Day 2 Still had headache didnt feel as light headed but sometimes had shakes im guessing due to lack of sugar. Note breath stunk on this day lol

Day 3 is today Im starting with a apple and throughout the day i will have another apple, pineapple, blueberries, melon all in small portions and will add some more veg like day 2 for dinner and tea.
Again lots of water

So far still got slight headache still feel hungry and weighed my self this morning and ive lost 2kg

Thank you and look forward to replys
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Nice so far. headaches tend to be caused from cutting wheat, sugar and processed foods. hang in there it only gets easier for sure...
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