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Its been 2-3 days that I have completed my first gm diet of 7 days. I had checked my weight before starting was 70..and later after this diet I could not check due to very lack of time in office and schedule but Many people and friends have started giving me compliments that I have reduced and also my clothes got loose a bit.

I myself feel that I have lost *Whatever kilos*.. am Happy :D. But I have to loose more till I feel the cling of *Thats what I wanted*...I followed strictly and WATER was the main magic drink it seems.

After this diet My intake of water is also increased...I jogg..walk and run daily..Basically give 1 hour to this in the evening no matter what.
In these 3 days I had Eggs,fruit salads,brown bread,rawa khichdi in breakfasts...APPLE is must !

In lunch, I have DDIET MEAL which is served in my office in sarvana bhawan... It is totally balanced..
It has
sprouts or lobhia or chana *BOILED* daily changes
One bowl soup...*Spinach,tomato,sweeet and sour* (It changes daily)
a small portion of Rice *spinach rice or tamarind rice*
a small sandwich of cucumber and tomatoe and pepper
fruits*watermelon,pineappleand papaya
veg salad*onion,carrot,tomatoe*

snacks-either dahi papdi chaat,rawa onion dosa with daal sambhar,bhel puri,fruit salad

dinner-chapatis,daal,any sabzi with less oil and more of boiled,curd

Today is the 4th day aftr completing GM diet and Today only I started the diet again.

Lets see :D

Day 1 - I had loads of watermelon in the morning. then water water..Then again fruits...then water....Then one apple.

Wish me luck ! It really gets hard on day 2 and a bit on day 3 but I know it is worth.


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Thanks for sharing!!!

If you struggle keeping weight off, beware of that bread. It's a weight gainer for sure.

Good luck :)
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