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I'm on the 5th day of the diet right now and I think I have followed it perfectly. I've had the soup every day (2 cups). However, I have hardly lost any weight (about 0,5 kg). Is this because I haven't finished the diet yet? Or does it simply not work for everyone?
Is it possible that it has sth to do with the fact that I already ate lots of fruits and veggies every day, so the diet is not that big of a change in my lifestyle?


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This is everything I've eaten so far. If I'm doing something wrong, please tell me, because I'm planning to do the diet a second time in a couple of weeks!

Thanks! :)

Oh, and I've drunk lots of water as well, of course! :)

8 am: apple, tea
10 am: some strawberries, orange
12 am: 3 slices of watermelon
3 pm: some strawberries, orange juice (self made, only squished oranges)
6 pm: half a cantaloupe melon
9 pm: soup (tomatoes, celery, white cabbage, onions, green pepper, salt, pepper)

8 am: large potato, cooked and then topped of with light butter
10 am: soup
12 am: salad of cucumber, lettuce and cherry tomatoes
15 am: soup
18 am: boiled cauliflower and broccoli with a bit of salt
8 pm: camomille tea

8 am: apple
10 am: soup
12 am: salad of cucumber, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and mango
3 pm: orange juice
5 pm: soup
7 pm: boiled cauli and broc with salt

8 am: banana, one cup warm skimmed milk
12 am: soup
2 pm: banana
4 pm: 3 cups skimmed milk mixed with one banana
8 pm: soup (2 cups)

8 am: tomato

12 am: beef (1 portion, baked in butter with salt and pepper), tomato

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Looks good, what time of the day are you weighing?

NO, this diet is not for everyone.

Keep in mind never lump fruits and vegetables into the same category. If you need to lose weight, I think your issue could potentially then be if you currently eat fairly healthy will be way too much fruit. Fruit is full of sugar, hence a good rule of thumb on it would be 1 t 3 servings a day. Just a TIP :) You may not need it.... I ate a perfect Paleo diet yet had too much fruit and it affected my weight. I cut the fruit and boom what a difference. What time do you go to bed?

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Thank you for the quick reply!

I didn't know eating too many fruits could affect my weight, so that's definetely sth to keep in mind for after this diet! :)

I weigh myself in the morning, before eating or dinking something and after going to the bathroom. I go to bed around 11 pm and sleep til 8. :)

I will definetely finish this diet and I will let you know if I lost more weight or not. I would like to do this diet a second time in a couple of weeks (before going on a holiday), is it possible that I don't lose much weight now, but will lose it the second time or do you always lose less the second time?

Thanks for the help!

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