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I have few questions ,

1) During the GM-dieting, can i have Sassy water [cucoomber+lemon+Ginger+Mint-leaves] along with normal water ? - Will it make faster fat burning than normal water ? or which water is best ?

2) During dieting whichever days can we have tender coconut water ?
Can i have that coconut-meat inside - which will impact in any days ?

3) On 5th and 6th day dieting, how much quantity of beef i can have maximum ?
Can i replace beef with egg ? if yes how many quantity i can have ? also can i have "yellow" part?

4) As per GM-Dieting program, what change is happening to muscles ?

5) Currently last 3 weeks i continuously doing this dieting program and almost 6 KG reduced, is there have anything to take care in this situation ?, because this diet is recommending 2 week of gap to start another round.

6) Is it fine to have 2 piece of biscuit during dieting

7) Can i have Green-Tea during dieting ?

Thanks in advance,

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1) that sounds OK to me, certainly tonics like that can be healthy, only paired though with a healthy diet.
2) No coconut meat, the fat will throw the plan off. After the plan sure have it. You can have a glass a day if needed.
3) Yes the yellow, it's the healthy part. 3 max per meal. Beef for guys, say 4 to 5 oz per meal.
4) This is a detox plan so you may feel week the first few days, however you can workout and strengthen day 5 once you get protein back. There should be little change, there is only 4 days without protein.
5) It can just throw off your metabolism possibly.
6) If you want to gain weight then eat biscuits. Wheat is toxic to say the least.
7) Sure no sugar, stevia is OK.

Good luck :)
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