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hi kevin. i going to complete my last day of the diet today. so far i have lost 2.5 kg. I have noticed the following fact while on this diet. I want to know whether it is common or occurs to me.

1. Mild headache was there in 1st two days
2. i havent reduced much in start of 5 & 6th day.
3. for the first 5 days my face slims down and now on 7th day looks little puffy( as it retaining back to its earlier version). im afraid about that now
4.Hairs in my front side of head sometimes looks thinner
5. on day 6 and 7th i got the feeling that my tummy is full.

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1) common coming off junk foods and detox.
2) keep going, the key is not gaining.
3) do you have any underlying health issues? Thyroid?
4) if you are losing hair, you have health problems. hence then your hormones are having issues because this is a detox plan, you need to have good fats, protein, etc. DID you have good fats days 5 and 6???
5) What did you eat day 6?

Let me know.,,
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