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Doubts about day-5,6&7

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Hi Kevin,

I started another gm diet week after a gap of two weeks. The first four days went well, however the following days went like this:

Day 5: breakfast wash an omelette of 3 eggs with some onions, green peppers & coriander. Combined that wid some sautéed mushrooms & 2 grilled tomatoes & was really too full for the rest of the day. However I managed to have a simple tomato soup made with the rest of the tomatoes required for the day....but was still too full all day. My question: is it OK to have consumed just 3 eggs all day when the full day calls for 9 eggs (between 3 meals)?

Day 6: I had some simple steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage & red bell peppers). I had made a chicken soup but I guess it was too fatty so it had a terrible stink because of which I couldn't eat it :( so I had a small bowl of brown rice sauteed in olive oil. For dinner i had a simple mushroom pulao with curd (is that combination ok) ? As i read in an earlier post that rice & curd is OK.

Day 7:
Breaky: I had diced sweet melon & a big glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast.
Lunch: I had some fresh salad & a serving of spinach khichdi (cooked together, lightly spiced)
Dinner: will do the same as lunch.
Are the foods I consumed for this day ok?

Day 6 was a disaster coz of the chicken soup hence I had to go in for a veg version coz I had nothing else to substitute. Hope that's ok? Please let me know u r feed back on the above. Hope I dint mess up o_O
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Hello :)

I think you did amazing...

It's hard to eat when you're not hungry. So it's best to do the best you can. 3 eggs may just be too much for you so do 1 to 2 if you do it again. The key will be if you cannot eat much to maintain some balance by at least getting a little protein, a little fat and some veg.

Nice adjustments, you did well.
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