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Hi Kevin,
First of all, your site is wonderful and really helpful. Thanks for all your effort!
I would really appreciate if you could help me with the problem I am having. I am in the 5th day of my diet but I don’t feel much change in my body. I do not have a weighing machine, so I am measuring my stomach with a tape and it has not reduced as well.
I had missed the fat in potato on day 2 as I did not realize it was essential and I did not have olive oil or ghee handy. Could this be the reason?
Also, I have few other questions.

1. Can we have as much fruit as we want on day 1 and day 3 or in just the amounts that have been mentioned.
2. Can we have as much water as we want or only 8-10 glasses on day 1-4 (is that around 3 liters? ) I think I had around 5 liters a day, so I am wondering if that might be the reason.
3. Are the timings of the meals important, i.e. if I have breakfast around 10 am and lunch around 2 pm etc, is that okay.
4. On 5th day, can we have tofu in right quantity, replacing meat.
Thanks in advance.

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You are welcome and thanks for saying so :)

I had replied in the comments section, but here are the answers for other that come here as well. Yest he good fat is a big miss, this is not a fat free plan.
1) No, day 1 yes abut no on day 3.
2) no, you can actually harm your body. Tour kidneys can be damaged and you can flush vital nutrients and minerals. Try and stay under 2.5 liters.
3) that is fine.
4) no, tofu is not a health food.

Good luck
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