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Day One: Lightheaded

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Hi, I started this diet today. On fruits day. Couple of questions:
1. Is it ok to feel a bit lightheaded?
2. Is there a limit to the number of fruits / quantity you can eat today?
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1) common, as are headaches. just happens when you cut processed foods, sugar, wheat, etc
2) not really.

eat the soup though if you feel you have gone to far.
Thank you Kevin.
I am very surprised that I didnt feel hungry at all on the first day. I had a bit of pang in evening but the soup worked like magic.
Is there a limit on how much soup you can have in a day?
Also, I had soup instead of a potato for BF this morning. Is that ok?
No limit on the soup!

Well, the potato is key early day 2 with some good fat.
I had potato for lunch and bit for dinner as well.
Lost around 1.5 kgs.
Worried that i will gain back as soon as i start eating from day 5 :(
too much potato, yikes.
keep rolling, you will be OK. Day 5 and 6 though can be much more tough for vegetarians. Make sure if you are you add fat to the beef replacement.
I'm a NV but we dont get beef easily in India. Can I eat Chicken instead. What's the best way to cook it (roast/boil) How many pieces can I eat?
You sure can :)

I roast mine, but do boil it for soup so up to you. Add spices, herbs ,etc as you like as well. About 4 to 5 oz per meal.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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