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Day 8 till day 22

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Hi Kevin,

I am missing this diet as I didnt have to think about what i was going to eat per day!

Can you write out a simple weekly table containing all the (foods & their quanties) that we need to have daily? In particular to lose weight or to maintain, as a guide for breakfast / lunch/ dinner & snacks? This way i will have something to refer to when i'm preparing and shopping for food.

how much dairy should we consume ( daily )

how many serves of veges ( per day )

how many peices of fruit ( per day )

how much protein ( per meal )

how many teaspooons of fat ( per day )
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Start here, let me know what you think. I don;t remember do you eat meat? If so, this plan is the same, you will just have a meat, or eggs with each meal for balance.
Yes i eat meat chicken fish salmon tuna beans lentils.. all protein ( there's nothing that i don't eat lol)

Thanks! :)

i had a look and its vegetarian! Do you have one that I can look at that isn't vegetarian?
yes, let me make it tomorrow. it's all about balance. Will post later on it.
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