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I just finished day 7 and am feeling great. My family and friends have been complementing me left and right on how much weight I've lost.

I really wish I could start with day 1 all over but I've read on these forums it's good to wait 2-4 weeks before starting again.

Post day seven:

prior to starting the diet I ate a lot.. A LOT of junk food.. pizza, fries, burgers etc... so I'm not really sure what to eat now.. I really enjoyed days 5-7 and would like to continue something similar to that.

The thing is, I'm a fairly simple person, I don't need a fancy meal with all the bells and whistles... what I'm thinking (and please tell me what you think about this) is I'd have a protein shake in the morning... I don't really eat anything while I'm at work so the next meal would be around 4pm.. I love chicken.. I think k 3 out of 7 days I wouldn't have a problem with eating grilled or BBQ chicken with veggies and potatoes on some days... other days I can substitute chicken for beef.. I don't eat fish..

after the 4pm meal I don't really get hungry, I could go until the morning without food. maybe I'll have some fruit or nuts as a snack...

that's pretty much what I'm thinking in terms of my meal plan after day 7 until I can do the diet again... what do you guys think?

any comments and suggestions are much appreciated!


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