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hi Kevin, thanks for replying my Day 5 queries.

i had,
b/f: an omelette with two eggs and a lil green pepper. plus one tomato
lunch: bowl of dal rice (brown) plus one tomato
dinner: bowl of lentil soup plus two tomatos

hope that was fine.

for Day 6 i am planning:

b/f: red kidney beans sprouts with stir fried veggies
lunch: spinach and lentil soup
dinner: one of the above

1. does this look okay?
2. do i need to add fat to all the three meals?
3. would i still need to add some rice?
4. i find that after day 2 i am not that hungry between meals, so can i skip the wonder soup except when i am having it as a meal?

thank you

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1) Sounds good
2) Eggs have fat, the other meals need it.
3) Nope, the beans are great as is.
4) Yes skip it if you like, no problem there :)

Nice work .....
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