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Day 5 ..

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I did not loose any weight on day 5. I ate boiled chicken with tomatoes and wonder soup. Could not exercise at all. Any tips for Day 6 and 7 to make up?
Before this I lost 2.3 kgs till Day 5.
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No worries if that happens 1 day, it all matters in the end what happens. It can be loads of factors, you still likely lost. Tips are to eat the meals we lay out as far as QTY, less is worse actually. I assume you had the chicken 3 times?

Hang in there all looks OK.
Today is my 5th day... I lost 3kgs... Im very happy... Let me c at the end of diet how much my weight get reduces.... It works..
Nice :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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