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Day 5 & 6

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Hi Kevin,

I will be starting day 5 tomorrow... can i follow this diet plan

Breakfast - 2 eggs either boiled or omlette

Lunch & Dinner - Chicken salad - Grilled/ stir fry chicken with Iceburg Lettuce, cucumber, Onions,

Evening snack - 2 tomatoes.

Kindly advice

Thanks :)
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Looks fine, you can have 3 eggs also if you like. Also day 6 allows another serving of meat/eggs for a snack.

Can I replace chicken n eggs with prawns or shrimps on day 6?
yes, not big on shrimp as a good protein replacement, but better than a vegetarian version. add a little oil, like olive, they are too low in fat.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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