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Hi Kevin,
I am a vegetarian and planning my day 5, 6 and 7 as below.
Day 5
B/F: 2 eggs + 1 tomato
Lunch: 1 egg, Boiled Kidney beans+Boiled chickpeas+tomatoes with some curd
Dinner: White Rice+tomatoes+ghee and some tomato soup
Day 6
B/F: Sprouts+tomatoes+onions, 1 egg,
Lunch: Mixed veggies (broccoli, carrots, green pepper, celery, lettuce), White Rice+lentils+ghee
Dinner: Lentil soup and White Rice
Day 7
B/F: Boiled Kidney beans+Boiled chickpeas and Veggies
Lunch: Rice and Lentils, Fruit juice
Dinner: Rice and Vegetables
Some of the questions I have
1) Can we substitute rice with quinoa?
2) Do I need to add egg to my Day 7?

3) Can we snack on wonder soup on day 5,6 and 7?

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ONLY Rice day 7. No egg, no legumes, etc
Quinoa is a fine sub.
wonder soup can be eaten any day :)
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