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Day 4

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It's an awesome day!! I decided to get on the scale this morning, to my surprise I have lost 6 lbs! I have to admit I was thinking it would be very hard to lose 10 lbs in 7 days, but now I realize it is very realistic. I am also excited to have milk, and banana's today. This plan works, if you follow it. Thanks Kevin!
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WOW, nice loss. I did not even do that well in 3 days....
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Start of Day 6... I have lost another 2 lbs, which brings my total to 8 lbs. I still have all day today, and tomorrow. I have been very diligent on this program. I have not wavered at all. Yesterday I did have a headache throughout the afternoon, but nothing that was unmanageable. I look forward to weighing in for my final weight on Friday. This program is awesome!!
WOW, nice job. It really is a good starter plan, keep in mind though coming off you have to make lifestyle changes. I shared what I do in the after 7 Days section, the top 2 posts (1 is for vegetarians - I am not). Those may help. Keep in mind I am 100% against wheat and sugar,
I will definitely follow any plan you recommend. I know this is just a jump start plan for me. Thank you again Kevin!!
Hope it works, keep in mind that plan is basically Paleo, and was given to me buy one of the top functional health care guys in the US right now. The key is balance.
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