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Day 4 not doing well

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Day 4 is difficult. I find myself very hungry.

I ate:

Breakfast - Banana and Almond milk
Mid morning - Soup / Banana and Milk (Not all at the same time)
Lunch - Banana and Milk
Mid day - Soup
Dinner - Banana / Almond milk - then bed - gotta keep myself busy or something!

I am hoping day 5 is better this is what I am planning (is this ok?)

Breakfast - 3 whole eggs with Tomatoes
Lunch - chicken Patty (150 cal, 7g fat, 1 carb and 19 protein) and slices tomatoes
Dinner - Same as above - Chicken and tomatoes
Snacks - Water and soup if needed

I am going on a walk tonight too. I do workout daily. This diet is to re-jump start me. I really only want to loose 10 - 12 lbs, it's my last. And I usually eat pretty good, Protein, vegees, eat very clean, but after the winter and all my wine drinking it has caught up to me :(.

Any advice on surviving day 4 and conquering day 5 would be awesome.
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Your day 5 is perfect and I think you will find it easier, Day 6 is even better because you can have a protein based snack. So hang in there and finish it strong.
I made it through day 4 but I had to have like a few bowls of soup (3). I think with the adjusting in my diet too, I have not used the restroom - properly, in a few days.

I have lost 4.5 lbs though.

Day 5 already easier. Loved my eggs and tomatoes this morning.

For lunch can I add 1/2 avocado and dinner too?

Can I have Coconut water, after dinner tonight?
yes you can it would be the good fat you need. coconut water is also fine.
Its funny, I got into a rut. And I am going to get out, and only get unprocessed gluten free foods. And slowly get back down to my comfy weight and stay there. And not struggle. I just wish i did'nt love wine and cheese. I think Gluten Free is the way to go for sure.

Any advice? I'd love to hear.
And happy for the coconut water. A litte normal sweetness.

LAST ? - Can I have a protein shake tomorrow?
Wine (organic with no sulfates, preservatives, etc) and cheese funny in context to a balanced meal would not be the worst thing at all. The key is managing your carbs, Also mkaing sure technically you can have dairy. I tested poor for it.–-gluten-associated-cross-reacti-r22

If you look even gluten free was bad for me. So ZERO grains was what I had to do, But I must say this test saved me. No that I see it, I have zero desire to go back now.

Coconut water is fine if it's pure of course, there are some good brands out there now.

A protein shake would work.
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