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Day 4 - Can I add Coffee/Tea to Milk

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Hi All - So, its day 4 tomorrow! My problem is that I cannot drink white plain milk. My plan A is to substitute at least one meal with yoghurt and banana with some salt and pepper (luckily my favorite snack to have)

My plan B is what I'm seeking advice for - Can I drink milk with quarter tea spoon instant coffee or a tea bag even - and a bit of organic stevia??

Thoughts anyone?
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Instant coffee is garbage to your body, so so sorry. Unless it's a pure organic coffee beware. Stevia, yes here and there sure. Just like anything never overdo it,
How about tea? Can I dip a tea bag in the milk? Really less tea?
tea is fine, no sugar :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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