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Day 3

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Can I substitute orange juice with any fruit? oranges available.
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no, whole fruits.... pick another
Today is my day3 and i feeling v weak
I had 2slices f papaya green tea n 2 glass f water fr breakfast and cabbage cucumber tomato n green beans salad fr lunch...
Pls suggest if i can have vegetable upma or sprouts or sumthing filling fr evening or dinner??
no, you cannot - sorry. add extra good fat to your veg
I had zucchini and brinjal green beans made in gud sunflower oil....with garlic
Is it ok?did i overdo it??shud i strt over?
sunflower oil is not good at all . the veg was fine :)
Can i replace rice wd jowari/bajara roti for day 5 along wd rajma??
Can i replace rice wd jowari/bajara roti (not wheatrotis)for day 5 along wd rajma??
millet or rice or legumes/beans as you like is totally fine. so long as it is gluten free and has good fat.
I have successfully completed 2 days diet as suggested.
Day 1 - I had 1 orange, 1 bowl papaya, 1 bowl musk melon, 1 apple and 4 litre plain water.
Day 2 - I had 2 bowl tomatto and carrot soup, 1 bowl boiled veg, and half bowl salad and 3 litre plain water.
Day 3 - I had 1 bowl watermelon, 1 orange, half bowl veg and half bowl salad and 3 litre plain water till evening.
I have checked my weight now. But unfortunately there is no weightloss at all. It was 64 kg earlier.

Please suggest any change is required and reason for no weight loss.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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