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Day 2 Queries

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Hello Kevin,
I ended off my day 1 and day 2 of GM diet plan. This query is about my day 2, on the first day i had fruits all day with 8 glasses of water as mentioned in diet plan. Day 2 started, i had 2 boiled mashed potatoes dressed with some salt and pepper, then in lunch i had 1 cup cabbage steam cooked with some green peas dressed up with some spices such as salt etc(without oil or anything) and some kidney beans cooked with very small amout of olive oil. At night, i had one cup spinach grinded in grinding machine and cooked with some mashrooms with tiny bit of garlic paste and olive oil and i had garden salad with it. So, these were my meals and ofcourse i had 8 glasses of water too. So, am i going good?
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WOW, day 2 is really off. Are you sure you read our plan. You know beans are not vegetables right?
Peas are technically legumes as well.
oh damn, what should i do now? because my day 2 has been wasted. I'm highly dissapointed with whatever i eated. Do u have any suggestion for recovery?
Also id let u know that the beans i eated were hardly half a cup and peas were also not that much. So was the other food apart from that was okay? im planning to eat some non veg on day3,can u suggest me with that? i have chicken soup in my mind,chicken salami,id start my day with fruits then at lunch can i eat omelette?
I mean, beans are pure carbs and some protein. did you say eat meat day 3? you cannot have chicken soup day 3. Only day 5 and 6 meat.

I think you may need to start over...
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