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day 2- okay to have one fruit?

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Hey Kevin! I have been continuing the diet since yesterday and had veggies entire day for today. I am really craving for a fruit bite (Am a total fruit lover!) Can I have just one sweet lime or maybe two slices of papaya? :( or apple ? :(
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if you must yes but keep in mind post diet if you are eating more than 3 servings of fruit a day, beware, that's a load of fructose/sugar and will likely cause weight issues. You really have to be careful with fruit :)

hang in there :)
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Thanks! :)
Another confusion regarding Day 5 diet. Tomorrow am starting day 5 diet and am not very sure about what to substiture beef with. I have options of Paneer, lentils and chicken. How should I take the paneer?Raw or can it be cooked with some no-oil recipe? Can only Tomatoes be taken tomorrow or can add some other veggies like capsicum?

If chicken is allowed, please let me know if a chicken stew with beet, cauliflower, capsicum with black pepper and salt seasoning can be taken
chicken first. eggs next (3 per meal). Then lentils, then paneer.
The paneer can be as you like.
you need good fat with each meal replacing beef so keep that in mind.
you can do tomato or other veg.
The stew is great, you can season your food with pure dried herbs and spices as you like :)
Hello Kevin,

I just started my diet plan today and so far I am doing good...I have a question for Day 2, can I have coconut water for snack of Day 2?

Thanks much for the help
you sure can :)
any day as a matter of fact
Thank you Kevin...I have seen some forums for Day 2 and they say I can have wonder soup on Day 2. Is that Okay?
Thank you so much for the help...I might be asking more questions...:)
wonder soup is a carb-less base soup, can be eaten any day
He Kevin,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

Day 1 was successful, I had all fruits(Apples for BreakFast, orange for snack, WaterMelon for lunch, papaya&kiwi for snack & Cantaloupe&Pineapple for dinner) and about 3L of water including 1 can of coconut water.
I have started Day 2 with Boiled SweetPotato for breakfast, cucumber&tomato with littlebit of oliveoil, salt&Pepperr for morning snack, steamed Cabbage&beetroot with oliveoil, salt&pepper for Lunch. I am planning to have cucumber&tomato with littlebit of oliveoil, salt&pepper for afternoon snack, can of coconut water for an other snack, and finish off with Wonder Soup(includes cabbage, onion, bell peppers, celery.) for dinner

Am I doing it right? Please suggest if I am doing anything wrong.
Looks great!!!!
Thank you.
More questions coming up...

For Day 4 I am confused..How many bananas should I take for the whole day?Also for Morning and evening snack what should I eat? I understood that for breakfast (1 banana&1cup of milk), Lunch(Tomato Soup&Cabbage stew, that was written for gm diet day 4), Dinner(Cabbage soup or Banana shake(how many should go 1 or 2?))
4 large bananas
2 can go in the shake
Thank you.
My plan for tomorrow is this. Let me if Okay or not.

Breakfast - 1 Banana+1cup of milk
Morning Snack - Banana Shake
Lunch - Tomato Soup or Wonder Soup
Afternoon Snack - Banana Shake
Evening Snack - Can of coconut water
Dinner - Wonder Soup + Banana Shake.

Let me know if this is correct or not?

Thank you for the support
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Looks great :)
Hello Kevin,

Thank you for taking time in answering my questions.

Tomorrow would be my Day 5 and I am very confused, in your diet plan you have all Beef and I dont eat Beef, and I got confused with other forums as well. I EAT CHICKEN, EGGS, GOAT/LAMB, FISH. Could you please suggest me the sample diet plan for BreakFast, Lunch, Dinner and Morning/Evening snack.

Much appreciate your help!

You can just replace the other meats with those then - easy peasy. So stick to the same plan. Make meals you like, use spices you enjoy and all will be good.
Okay thank you..So here's my plan for tomorrow

BreakFast - VegetableOmelete(Onions, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes + 2eggs)
MidMorning snack - cottage cheese with tomatoes and cucumber
Lunch - Grilled Chicken with Onions&Tomatoes&Cucumber
Afternoon Snack - ?shall I eat wonder soup
Evening Snack - Coconut water
Dinner - ChickPea salad with onions, cucumber, tomatoes and dressed with olive oil, salt, pepper & lime juice

Let me know if okay or not?I am really seeing some good results...this morning i weighed 162.6 and my pre diet weight was approx 167. but again in the afternoon after gym i weighed around 164p. Is that okay?
No, you cannot weigh any time other than the morning, when you wake, after you go to the bathroom and before you eat or drink at hing. That's your true weight. Weighing any other time you will be weighing extra water, food and so on if you get my point.

That looks more like day 6. Day 5 is 3 meals only. So cut your snacks other than the coconut water.
Okay, if I cut my snack does the plan sounds good? How much amount of chicken should be consumed for lunch?
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