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Day 2 malady

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Hey . I'm on day 2 . Started my day with boiled potato but it was so bland cuddin finish evn a quarter of it . Was loaded with work till evening . Managed to drink one litre of water through the day . Was so tired by the end of it that I gorged on a bunch of grapes and musk melon . Can u continue with the diet plan or restart ?
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why is you food bland? it needed good fat like ghee or olive oil. also you can add salt, pepper and any pure dried herbs and spices as you like. up to you on whether or not to continue. Not sure why you have to suffer on this plan, you can make the food taste as you like.
Wasnt aware of the usage of spices and herbs . My question is since i breached the only vegetable plan of day 2 and ate fruits will that reduce the chances of weight loss if I continue . Or shud I start from day 1
it can mess thing up a little yes but you can keep going...
Hello Guys...I am on my day 2 of the diet...feeling pumped up and ready to finish the diet successfully...
I have small queries...
1. Is it okay to have olives in the salad for day 2/ 3 ?
2. Can I add Dijon mustard to the salad dressing ?
3. Is it okay to have some tomato juice with ginger garlic paste (processed) as a sauce for the boiled vegetables ???

P.S I lost more than a kilo on my first day...SUPER EXCITED !!!
1) no
2) depends on what's in it?
3) not hardly any tomato juice but the rest OK. Keep going. By the way a pure mustard is fine to use.

Good luck :)
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Thanks Kevin...
What can I have to quench the craving for it okay to have one cookie ???
Also, can I have one small cup of cranberry juice ?
Also for day 3, can I skip fruits altogether and just repeat the day 2 diet ? It's a silly question but I don't like fruits that much !!!
No, not unless you want to gain weight.
No, sorry
Yes and no, No potato day 3, but you can do veg only :)
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