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Day 1

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so today is my first day of GMdiet
I've had apples for breakfast, papaya for mid breakfast snack and papaya and pears for lunch.
Isit weird that my stomach feels very acidic (sour feeling)?

Any advice?

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HUH, too much water maybe, back off some. Maybe do some coconut water. Maybe a teaspoon of oil with next snack.
Hi kevin,

Kudos to you for a great job.

Started off with the diet today

Morning had two bowl of watetmelon and one bowl of apple with 2 glass of water

Around 11 had one bowl of papaya and water

There are couple of questions:
1. How many litre of water to drink minimum
2. Can i follow my fitness routine....i jog for around 15 min on treadmill and then play badminton for around 45 min.
3. Can i have wondersoup from day 1, i have read somewhere that wondersoup has to be avoided on day 1 as it is a fruit only day

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1) Never over drink water. since you are drinking more, add a coconut water in mid day to re-mineralize some, try and do 8 - 10 glasses....
2) sure as you feel OK to, yes.
3) have it any day. even day 1

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Hi Kevin,

I am a Cricketer, who is slightly over weight. So now I have planned to start the GM diet from tomorrow. My question is

I will have the training session for 1.5 hours in a relaxed mode (Batting, Bowling and Fielding) in the morning alone. Can I do my normal routine? Or you have any inputs for the sports person who is going is involving in GM diet? Kindly suggest me with the appropriate answer.

Also the Bed activities is any ways related to the diet?
I would just be careful tearing down too much on a day where there is no protein. Make sure you have some fruit there. Being active like that though I would do it no problem.. Bed activities? please elaborate
Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your reply. Can i have Banana in the ground..? or else what fruit would be suitable while playing...?

Bed activities is Love Making.. Hope you got it...;)
Well if anything bed activities help with weight loss. :)
Citrus is always good, especially good to add it in your water. Coconut water is good as well.
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Any fruits or vegetable that are "forbidden"? Grapes, avocados, fresh pineapple, stone fruits?

Gastric issues... I sometimes take Omeprazole 40mg on days when my tummy acts up with indigestion/gastritis. Any concerns?
avocado is forbidden for now, after program fine. Well I am always concerned someone has to take a med unless for emergencies. What I mean is clearly your body is telling you something is wrong, a light goes on so to speak. Instead meds are taken that essentially just turn the light off and don't fix a thing technically. I know folks though very close to me that take meds like that and have no issues with them because they want to eat bad foods they know that are making them ill. They would rather not make a lifestyle change, they would rather stay ill and take the med.

My point is, yes you can take the med, however consider why your body reacts this way.

Yes you can take your meds as you need, but may want to explore what is causing that issue, make a serious lifestyle change if you can :)
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Apparently, it is genetic. Digestive issues, gastritis... funny enough, my last spell was due to eating lots of pineapple and watermelon. In season now and really tasty! But the doc says something about the fibers taking longer to break down. Dad once had issues from eating a lot of oranges in a span of a week (2-4 a day).

Just as some people are more prone to getting diabetes, our family has been plagued with gastric issues and asthma-related illnesses.
I have several issues that run in my family. I actually just completed the 23 and Me test (Google it). It showed other genetic mutations I knew nothing about. Have you heard of Epi-Genetics? For me, for example, since I know for sure diabetes runs in my family, why would I ever eat sugar or white flour? Basically Epi-Genetics they have found is whether or not that gene gets turned on, 90 plus percent of the time it is turned on by lifestyle choices.

Lifestyle is key here in these cases. If you know gastric issues run in your family, why ever eat processed foods that are bad for you? Make sense? Not that every person is to blame, my wife has teh MTHFR genetic mutation, she does not methylate 70% of the time. This is bad! Now we can supplement and help her. Good news. But she had no choice in lifestyle whether or not this one gets turned on or off. The main researcher/doctor in this puts it well, your genes are the hardware, your lifestyle though is the software that tells the hardware (your genes) what to do.

Do what ever you can to nurture your digestion, not hurt it. For you it is easily injured. :)
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