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Day 1 of the GM veg diet

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I am on the first day of my diet today and wanted to know if having the soup is alright ?
Also, on day 4, how many bananas are allowed ? 4 or 8 ?

Many thanks
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What does our page say on bananas? I ask because you should really be reading the plan here. That's what we support and that's what works.
The soup can be eaten any day?
Well, it says 4 but almost all the other websites say upto 8, that is why i ask.. not sure why such a difference..
are you also asking me if the soup can be eaten any day ? ( i did end up having a bowl of soup as a snack for the first day!)
Well think about it, those are plan someone tosses up with no support. They do not support the plans because they have no answers as to why they do what they do.

yes the soup can be had any day you like, it's basically very base so it will actually only help if you eat it. Good fiber, etc.

it's 4 large bananas.
brilliant, thank you, Kevin!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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