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Day 1. Help.

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Hi, just started the GM diet today. Had a few questions -

1. I usually hit the gym in the evening for strength training (no cardio as that gets covered separately in dance classes twice a week ) followed by 10-15 min of steam treatment every alternate day. Can I continue this during the GM diet week or will it make me extremely tired/weak?

2. I have been replacing my dinner with a big bowl of wonder soup for the last 2 weeks. Can I continue that for all 7 days during the GM diet week? Also, my soup contains carrots, onion, cabbage, bottle gourd with a tempering of cumin in a pat of butter. Is this okay to have?

3. I am 5'4" tall and currently weigh 58 kilos. I lost about 2 kg in the last 2 weeks just by replacing dinner with wonder soup and giving up munching in-between meal (though I work out regularly). Will now taking up a full-fledged GM diet help me lose weight further?

4. My periods are delayed (they usually are irregular since I have PCOD, I don't worry about them much unless I skip a month altogether) but I'm hoping to get them soon. Will GM diet in any way influence (advance or delay) their onset? I want to get done with them by next weekend as there's a wedding in the family then and I don't want a bloated stomach that nullifies all weight loss results. :(

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1) This a detox plan the first 4 days, so be light on exercise, very light you have no protein to rebuild.
2) Sounds OK, just not too many carrots...
3) It is meant to only do here and there. As far a as lifestyle change here is what really works... look at the top 2 posts:
4) A detox diet can always make things a little wonky. So just keep that in mind.

Keep me posted on progress, sounds like you have a good plan.
Hi, Day 5 today. Haven't lost kilos yet but definitely lost inches.
Question. Is protein shake allowed instead of cottage cheese/soyabean curd/legumes? All sources of protein I guess.
soyabean is a major issue to me, beware, really throws your hormones, male or female. It's just not healthy. When do you weigh? The rest is OK, you need good fat with each meal day 5 and 6.
Thanks. Lost about 2 kilos by the end, inches as well. Totally nailed the wedding looks! Super happy. :)
And I weigh either first thing in the morning or in the evening before entering the gym.
never weigh any other time but in the morning :)
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