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Day 1 - fresh fruit smoothie

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For breakfast I made strawberries, pineapple and used freshly squeezed Apple juice to mix it up. Is this okay? Nothing else added.

Couple more qns I have:
2.can I have the baked potato around noon on day 2?
3. can I subtitute homemade yogurt for milk and can I add salt to it? If not, what is a substitute for milk? Unfortunately I can't drink any kind of plain milk.
4- can I have fresh tomato in my salad?
5-can I have edamame in my salad?

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juice not OK
2) yes with good fat
3) yes you can day 4
4) yes
5) no

Good luck :)
Thank you so much for the information and the guidance that you provide as we attempt this diet! I am just curious, is there a particular reason the fruits should be eaten whole instead of a smoothie?
drinking the fruit signals the body differently. Not the same. happy to help ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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