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Thanks Kevin you have been wonderful replying to all our questions and so quickly :)

I was wondering on the days that allow fruit, are you allowed to have dried fruit?
I was thinking of doing a baked apple with cinnamon and sultanas in the middle.
Just small quanities.

Would there be any benefit to repeating days 1, 2 and 3 straight after you finish day 7?

Thank you

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No, dried fruits are tough on folks that are overweight. Your body is essentially metabolically broken. They are pure sugar basically as well so just a bad idea. The baked apple and spices though will be great

The first 3 days are really just detox plans. So you can do those. I am big on a pure grain free diet, here is what I do.
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You plan looks great.

Good idea on the recipes, I have added that to my list. It really is needed.

The first 4 days are more about detox and likely to show and have more loss. The last 3 days to me brings you back to reality. So the fact that you maintained is great (I assume you only weigh in the morning, after going to the bathroom and before you eat or drink a thing).

At my age, 42, I realized I needed a mind shift. Hence I got into functional health/medicine. I feel for sure I have one of the best ( and most talked about right now) functional health care providers in theUS. What got all of my weight off finally was really understanding what I can and cannot have based on my health.

Example, here is one of my tests. You can read what I say about it if you like. Keep in mind you see wheat at the top. I have no had wheat in over 2 years and I still tested negative for it.–-gluten-associated-cross-reacti-r22

At this point I am Paleo. I put a sample plan here

I cannot though have eggs, dairy, potato, etc. I just did that for folks to see what a sample plan could look like.

Basically the key is balance, balance of good fats, protein and carbs. I do 100 to 200 carbs a day. Ladies, normally around 75 like my wife. Etc.

I eat wild salmon with veg and sweet potato for breakfast. A similar lunch and dinner. Basically meat, veg and a good carb. Carbs for me are tough. I have an issue with all of it. So I rely on plantain flour and some fruit.

Nutrient dense is the key. Anything I eat is pure. And I never cheat. Actually food grosses me out that’s sold in regular stores, etc. It’s scary how bad it really is.

So, you plan looked good and you maintained, the key is what will you do now?
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