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Cabbage Soup

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Hi can I add chilli and vinegar and soy sauce to give the soup some flavour?

Also, what other vegetables can I add besides peppers and cabbage and celery - just to make it more chewy!
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so soy sauce, likely has bad ingredients. the others seem ok. similar nutritionally. So no carrots, peas or corn or tubers.
Hi Kevin,

Although no veggies r allowed on day1 , can I have wonder soup on dai 1 ?
no, not at all actually. Sorry..
no, not at all actually. Sorry..
Hi kevin,

I have finished day2 and is 4 am On day 3 . I m having some cramps in my stomach. Any thing you can recommend for remedy?
cramps just seems like maybe they can be excess fiber. or you are not used to eating this much veg. cook your veg instead of eating it raw
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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