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Any modifications to this diet based on size?

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Amazing!! I am on day 5 and have lost 4 pounds!! (However I only lost .2lb after day 4) It is not just the pounds but I feel and look SO much better!!
I was wondering about my size. I am only 5' tall and a little food seems to fill me up. Today is day 5 and was wondering if I should eat all 20 oz. of meat ? I ate 6 oz. at breakfast (cooked with a tomato) and I am stuffed! I don't think I'm ever supposed to be so full? What can I do ? Thanks!
Also is it ok to cook the tomatoes today?
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lessen meat to 3 to 4 oz per meal
you are smaller and will need less technically

Nice loss so far :)
Thanks ! On day 7, I see we can consume rice in three meals, how much rice should we have, 1 cup each meal? Or just 1 cup in a day? Also, what is the best rice to use, I see white or brown, but what type?

Lost 5 LBS so far!!! :)
1.25 cups measured uncooked all day or so. white is best by far. basmati or jasmine is great. 5 pounds great
Thank you so much! Done with 7th day.. Lost 7 lbs!! It was easy to get through as well !
My question:
After the diet I believe meals should include a protein, veggies, good carb and a good fat? I guess which of these do you need to eat together in a meal.. I have heard if you eat a good carb you need to eat it with a protein ?

There are tons of mods to this. I do carb back loading for example so I do not eat carbs until last meal. however what worked perfectly for me is found here, top 2 posts. You need to find your carb tolerance for the day/ mine is 100 - 200. yours may though be about 65 - 85.
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